Unique to today but not uncommon 500 years ago, we create and bronze cast all of our sculptures. 

Chad Fisher 

I am inspired by nature to create a visual language to communicate with the world around me.  My early interest in nature matured to an absolute admiration for one of nature’s most beautiful creations, the human figure. The work of my studio looks back through the history of sculptural forms and engages contemporary art themes and my relationship to the figure today.

Learning to cast figures in bronze was not a linear path. Even harder than learning to cast in bronze was trying to find authentic information about the figure. After the 18th century formal instruction faded,  the figure did not generally include discussion of how ligaments  muscles and bones anatomically connect so that the body can represent movement, energy and dance. For 12 years I traveled the United States and Europe piecing together my personal solutions to Fine Art Figurative Sculpture.

Thank you to my instructors: Gary Weisman, Stephen Perkins, Myron Barnstone, Michael Grimaldi, Dan Thompson, Kate Lehman, Jon DeMartin, Kevin P. Lewellen, Stuart Mark Feldman, John Horn, Al Gury, Renée P. Foulks, Anthony Visco, Steven Weiss, Frank Porcu, Joseph Petrovics, Greg Wyatt, John English, John Peacock, Treacy Ziegler, Alexander Hromych, Maren Hassinger, Patrick Kipper and Fran Fisher.

Denise Fisher

Denise Fisher oversees the finances and strategies for Fisher Sculpture. Working in Public Relations since 1999, Denise’s experiences have enabled her to become a truly innovative consultant in the fine art world.

Fran Fisher 

I studied business and illustration, finding the financial markets as a means to support my family. However my heart lies in the golden age of illustration, captured and inspired by the works of NC Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, J.M. Flagg and JC Leyendecker to name a few. Diving deep into the culture with my mentors Jane and Ben Eisenstat I remain dedicated to the concepts of rigorous art training and the principles of good design to please the eye of the viewer.  The preservation and teaching of the elusive secrets of fine art composition are my goals for our family through our organizations efforts in our training and public and private work. 

Duane Kennedy

Duane is a formally commercial artist and woodworker based in Camp Hill, PA. With over 30 years of experience of designing and crafting original works of art, he has great admiration and respect for the craftsmanship and design of 18th century and contemporary furniture. Duane joined Fisher Sculpture in 2016 and oversees all complex metal fabrications and sculpture presentations. 

Dean Kennedy

Dean Kennedy provides machining and operational support to Fisher Sculpture. Born in 1943 Dean served in the United States Army from 1964-1968 as an Electronic Technician, E-5. While serving Dean was stationed at Fort Jackson, Fort Gordon, and in Munich, Germany.

Following his service with the U.S. Army Dean worked as a machinist at Olevetti Underwood from 1968 - 1979. In 1979 Dean began a 24 year career with the U.S. Navy working at the Defense Depo in Mechanicsburg, PA as a machinist/supply technician with Trident Submarine Division.

Dean’s experiences give him a great appreciation for metal fabrication and he assists on all large bronze casting projects at Fisher Sculpture.

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