Lesson 10 : Final lesson - Love, 3% and the Mirror

The world needs your art.

Studying fine art is not easy; finding authentic instruction, financial support, surrounded by ignorance, life itself, your age, etc. There are a 1000 reasons why you should give up and settle.  Never give up, press on, find a way....you have to be willing to sacrifice time, sleep, and life's luxuries to study and train. 

Giving up is a choice, you have to make the decision to quit.

I promise you it will not be easy and there will be plenty of people, some who may be very close to you, who will want you to stop. For whatever reason they will try to talk you out of pursuing this life, can't tell you how many times I heard, "the starving artist"  cliche.  Some of the negative thoughts may come from your family, instructors, your university/school, friends, co-workers, etc.

Block out their noise, move forward and pass through or around the obstacles with grace.  

Remember three things

1. Love, trust love.

2.. 3%......only 3% of fine art graduates work in the field they studied in.  

3. The only person you ever have to prove anything to is who you see in the mirror (the man in the glass poem). 

The art world needs your art, future generations need your art, I need your art.

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