Lesson 5 : Draw from plaster casts

Copying casts was an essential element to art eduction 300 years ago and I believe it needs to be included in all art eductions today.

A book published about 15 years ago, Charles Bargue Drawing Course by Charles Bargue, gives you the reasons why you should draw casts and includes incredible plates used in the art education in Paris 200 years ago. Copy these plates and read the book. Below is a free link to the book.


You can buy your own casts and practice cast copying at your home/studio.  Below is the link to a reliable high quality casting company so you purchase your own casts. WARNING, do not buy miniatures, the forms are terrible and they are at best mediocre copies of the originals. Only buy the full size/actual size castings. 


I have purchased 4 castings from here and they are wonderful.

Extra credit - you can copy the casts in 3d or in clay as well, which is tremendously helpful

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