Lesson 6 : I'm a self taught master artist... we can tell

With the emergence of nonrepresentational art during the 1940's, figurative art information became diluted and unfashionable to most art students.  This abbreviated art intel from the 60's was passed down to the majority of the art instructors today, causing most art eductions even at the most prestigious universities to be inadequate at best. 

You need a teacher, someone to be a guiding light, to teach you the real fundamentals of art, and I strongly suggest (again) you study with one of the instructors I listed on the previous blogs.

You must learn how to draw.

Some students and artist say this my "style of drawing, this my way"... bullshit. First you learn to adequately reproduce what is in front of you, and then (and here is the key) you make a decision to make art in a style.  I will say that again, you make a decision to make art in a style, not because you can not draw well. 

Once you make a style in art authentically, and not because of laziness, well.... now you are talking about making remarkable art. 

Learn the rules, then you break the rules.

Be humble, and lose the master artist nonsense.

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